Thrombolysis Catheter Viper

Anticoagulation and compression treatments in acute deep vein thrombosis located in the ilio femoral site have low rates of total recanalization, a high rate of pulmonary embolism and the development of post-thrombotic syndrome. Treatment in standard anticoagulation therapy prevents the progression and prolongation of the thrombus, but there is no lytic effect on the present thrombus. With these therapies, while adequate results are obtained in distal thrombosis localized at the knee, the rate of spontaneous lysis and total recanalization in iliofemoral thrombosis, which leads to PTS most, is around 10% and they are far from satisfactory results.


ince systemic thrombolytic therapy has no specific effect on thrombosis as it has a high risk of major bleeding and anticoagulant therapy, the tendency towards thrombosis field-specific lytic applications has increased in recent years. Thrombolysis and thrombectomy techniques that are specifically applied to thrombosed segments have been included in the literature in randomized studies showing that PTS rates have been reduced according to anticoagulation therapy alone. The use of a thrombolytic agent at a lower dose by the use of microsonic ultrasound accelerated thrombolysis with these catheter-based therapies, aiming to increase the distribution / effect of the thrombolytic agent into the clot and the faster disintegration of fibrin fibers.


Viper leads to a new era in the treatment of thrombolysis with catheter treatment. The product designed with the utmost attention to the treatment of the patients, Viper’s features are as follows;


Viper Pharmacomechanical Thrombolysis Catheter is designed for controlled infusion of tPA with mechanical vibrations. Fibrin increases the effects of tPA by thinning and increasing porosity.


tPA can be further pushed into thrombus by increasing the effectiveness of drugs It provides safe access to the clotted target vessel including the pulmonary artery in the case of PE over the guide wire system and 200 cm catheter length.

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