Thrombectomy Dovi

If the main veins that clog the brain are clogged with clots, it is not enough to treat the clot mass in these large vessels by means of the vein. In this case, the main purpose of the treatment is to remove the clot with special devices by finding the brain vein occluded by angiography.


The first 6 hours of thrombectomy treatment is so useful that one of the three patients treated returns to their former life. One of these two treatments is not used as an alternative to the other. On the contrary, they are complementary and used as success enhancers.


These treatments are the only way to prevent permanent disability after stroke. It should be noted that stroke is a recurrent disorder. Therefore; appropriate treatments for the cause of stroke should be regulated. It is very important that you determine the cause of the stroke that you have undergone after performing the advanced tests and that you receive treatment for the cause.


If vascular stiffness (atherosclerosis) is determined to develop strokes, vascular opening (revascularization) therapy should be applied to the vessel. Stenosis should be treated with advanced vessel stenosis (endarterectomy) or stent placement.


In the case of a clot originating from the heart; With appropriate blood thinning medication, preventive treatment should be arranged.


Other common vascular risk factors (hypertension, sugar, high cholesterol, etc.) that cause stroke should be appropriately treated under regular medical supervision.


It should be noted that stroke has become a largely preventable disease. The important thing is to know the risk factors of our own or those close to us, to have our controls and to get to the doctor as soon as possible if there is any stroke-like complaint.


Dovi is produced for such diseases. With its powerful suction and superior bending resistance, it provides better aspiration thanks to the large suction lumen. It is also on the guidewire system to prevent vessel wall damage.


The lateral aspiration window provides effective aspiration of the adherent thrombus to the wall. The hand held mechanical extractor continuously absorbs volume with speed, force and control. Drain the activated air quickly, allowing the user to increase or decrease the power instantly without accidentally injecting the extractor again.

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