Revolution in the medical world! Now, to be produced in Turkey

Turkey, all of which are imported, especially orthopedics-traumatology, cerebral-spinal surgery, heart valves commonly used in cardiovascular surgery, and begins the production of biological grafts.
In the capital, 70 million turkish lira of the facility will be established with the cost of domestic race will be developed, instead of pork halal cut beef and sheep will be preferred. RD Global Chairman of the Board Raşit Dinç said, “We will meet the need of 200 million dollars of our country in this area with the facility we will establish in Ankara”.

This product, which is frequently used in dentistry, orthopedics-traumatology, brain and spinal surgery, cardiovascular surgery, is produced in only a few countries around the world. New Zealand and Australian bones are produced in Europe and the United States, mainly in the Netherlands, undergoing high technological processes.

Turkey biological grafts, tissue produced from bio-materials, bio-materials manufactured from heart valves, valves and used in the pharmaceutical industry needs raw materials are imported 100 percent of the animal. Biological grafts, implants made of bio-material, implantable valves such as heart valves, bone powder, implantable bio-material, and animal raw material for the pharmaceutical industry are purchased from the body of the bio-material.

Ankara will be established with a cost of 70 million turkish lira of local biological heart valves and graft production facility

RD Global Chairman of the Board Raşit Dinç said; announced that they will establish 70,000 pounds of plants in the capital to produce products that are supplied to the market locally and nationally, not only from pig, but also from calves and sheep under sterile conditions. Initially informed that a farm of 500 animals will be built, Dinç said that in the 5th year of the project, the capacity will be increased to 5 thousand animals.

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