Arterial / Venous
Thrombolysis Catheter
7F / 90cm – 135cm


  • New generation vibro-rotational tip fragments to thrombosis into microparticles.

  • Cover all vessel lumen and act on wall adherent thrombus.

  • OTW Support Catheter allows safe access for thrombolytic infusion.

  • Special shaft design provides comfortable steerability.   Rotational vortex effect prevents embolism

  • Decreases thrombolytic threatment dose significantly

  • Prevents post-thrombolytic syndrome incidences significantly

  • Decreases length of stay in hospital

  • No capital equipment or installation is needed.

  • Recommended to be used with support catheter.

Indicated Vessels

  • Peripheral Veins

  • Pulmonary Artery

  • Inferior Vena Cava

  • Subclavien Vein

  • Hepatic Vein

Braided Radiopaque Support Catheter with Guidewire

Single Handed Easy procedure Control

Atraumatic Tip Design

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