0.014″ Guidewire
Specialty use
150 cm lenght

0.018″ / 0.035″ Guidewire
Variety of length alternatives
PTFE/SS options

ModelDiameterLenghtSpecial FeaturesBox Quantity


Stainless Steel Mandrel – Stanless Steel Soft Tip

RD73000.018″40 cm.————-10
RD73010.018″60 cm.————-10


National Mandrel – Stainless Steel Soft Tip

RD73020.018″40 cm.————-10
RD73030.018″60 cm.————-10


Stainless Steel Mandrel – Tungsten Soft Tip

RD73040.018″40 cm.————-5
RD73050.018″60 cm.————-5
RD73260.018″80 cm.PTFE-Coated5
RD73270.018″100 cm.PTFE-Coated5


National Mandrel – Tungsten Soft Tip

RD73420.018″40 cm.————-5
RD73060.018″40 cm./Angled Tip————-5
RD73070.018″60 cm.————-5
RD73240.018″80 cm.————-5
RD73250.018″100 cm.Marked*5


RD74790.035″80 cm.Straight5
RD74800.035″150 cm.Straight5
RD74810.035″180 cm.Straight5
RD74820.035″260 cm.Straight5


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