Neuro embolization Filler

Neuro embolization is a minimally invasive treatment of aneurysms in the brain. This problem is typically seen in adults, but can also be seen in children.


Embolization, arterial and / or vascular or bleeding through venous tract normal vascular structures, aneurysm or vascular pathologies such as AVM, or pathological vascular as in vascular tumors structures with different embolizing substances temporary or permanent blockage.


The aneurysm describes the protrusion or sac that is formed as a result of the weakening of the wall in an artery. An aneurysm that makes an outflow from the brain can cause nerve palsy, headache, neck or back pain nausea, vomiting by compressing the brain tissue or surrounding nerves. If an aneurysm in the brain ruptures, the wall will open and the resulting bleeding may result in death or stroke.


In the embolization process, physicians place small soft coils into the aneurysm under the guidance of imaging and stop the blood supply and prevent the tear.


It is frequently used to treat aneurysms in the brain. Torn or ruptured aneurysms can be treated. Permanent embolization, embolizing agents with organ or pathological vascular structures permanently reducing blood flow or it is completely blocked. Used for this purpose mainly embolizing agents, liquid-sclerosing substances, particles and mechanical occlusion devices.


Filler consists of a delivery system designed for the treatment of a polymer (NBCA) and iliac artery, aneurysms, abdominal aortic aneurysms and endoleaks.


Indications, Neuro Aneurysms and AVMs, Abdominal aneurysms include endoleaks, Peripheral Aneurysms and AVMs. Filler can be mixed lipiodol for radiopacity.

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