Hemorrhoid Treatment HemOFF

Hemorrhoid disease, which develops with the sagging of the vein pads in the anal canal and squeezing, is very common in the society. There are two types of internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids are usually painless and external hemorrhoids are painful. When the blood inside the hemorrhoid tissue is coagulated, the throated hemorrhoids called thrombosis hemorrhoids occur in the medical language. This type of hemorrhage causes very severe pain.


These are the first and second degree hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids are outside the breech. The main symptom is bleeding. In addition to bleeding, it also causes complaints such as itching and pain.


What we call hemorrhoids is a structure that is normally found in the body. These are vascular structures in the anal canal. Disorders of the vein is the main cause of hemorrhoids. The main causes of hemorrhoids are chronic constipation and thus dilation and vascular enlargement as a result of pregnancy. In pregnancy, the amount of hormone changes with the expansion of the veins. If the pressure increases. This causes dilation of the vessels. Congenital causes can lead to a stroke. For example, the weakness of the vessel wall to be congenital presents the hereditary aspect of the hemorrhoids.


In the hemorrhoid treatment, a number of office treatments without surgery can be performed. They do not have any pain as they work in a painless area. For this purpose, laser precipitation and band ligation methods can be applied in 1st and 2nd degree hemorrhoids. In the third degree hemorrhoids, THD is called an arterial ligation. Very large fourth degree hemorrhoids are surgically removed.


The advantages of the HemOFF device produced for the treatment of hemorrhoids are easy and fast. In addition, it can be applied within minutes and offers the possibility of application under polyclinic conditions. It can be used for treatment in both internal and external hemorrhoid patients.

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