Foam sclerotherapy VeinOFF

Nowadays, there are problems of varicose veins seen in about half of the society; new diagnosis and treatment methods are applied with the technological developments and the expansion of scientific studies. Treatment of varicose veins may be treated by surgical or non-surgical methods. Varicose veins with a vein disease; causes of formation and vary according to the veins. Although not every treatment method is applied for each varicose vein, the treatment method is decided by a detailed examination.


Today, foam sclerotherapy method is applied in the treatment of superficial varices that cause cosmetic problems in the person and which show the skin with purple and green color.
The foam sclerotherapy method is known as needle therapy among the population. This method; insufficiency is entered into the vein with a needle and the drug is based on the discipline to close the vein as a result of injection. Bandage and varis stocking are used for the short recovery period after the application.


In the treatment of varicose veins, defective artery is diagnosed before the sclerotherapy method is applied. In this process, with a detailed physical examination, high-tech color doppler

ultrasound, the structure of the varicose veins and the vessels or vessels are determined. The appropriate environment, medication and patient are prepared for varicose veins which can be applied by needle treatment. Because it is a non-surgical method, treatment can be applied in clinics. It is decided that the varicose vein will be applied with foam sclerotherapy.


After the examination and diagnosis process, the patient and the application materials are prepared after deciding whether to use foam or medicine. Foam Sclerotherapy for each vessel lasts for about 15 to 45 minutes. After the application, the patient should wear varicose veins for about 10 days.

A few sessions may be required for sclerotherapy, a method of closure of varicose veins by drug or foam method. This application can not be applied to patients who have any varicose veins.


VeinOFF has recently become available for varicose veins. No side effects. In contrast to other endovenous procedures, such as laser or radiofrequency, VeinOFF does not require large volumes of anesthesia, and in most patients, a single local anesthetic injection is sufficient to change needle entry, and the patient can resume normal daily work.

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