Embolization Device VeinOFF

Embolization processes; aneurysm, arteriovenous malformation (abnormal vessel ball), intravascular and / or skin closure of the tumor or bleeding focus. The most critical of these are the processes performed in the brain vessels. Cerebrovascular diseases treated with brain surgeries have been treated by interventional radiology physicians with the materials produced by the vein in a closed method.


There are some special embolization procedures used in cancer patients and they are called chemoembolization or radioembolization. In chemoembolization, the area where the cancer is located is reached through the vascular access and the cancer is given directly to the drug. Radioembolization is also given to the area where the cancer is located through the vascular access and radiating radiation only for intra-tumor irradiation. These procedures are usually applied to liver tumors.


Embolization device VeinOFF offers a unique treatment for varicose veins. The patient does not feel pain due to not receiving anesthesia. No trace. The cyanoacrylate glue with a small needle with a simple ablative polymerization method is used to seal varicose (non-functional) containers. This adhesive has been used as a safe medical adhesive for many years in other parts of the body. However, it has recently become available for varicose veins. No side effects or side effects were observed. Unlike other endovenous procedures such as laser or radiofrequency, VeinOFF does not require large volumes of anesthesia, and in most patients, a single injection of local anesthesia is sufficient to change the needle entry, and the patient can resume normal daily work.


It is also advantageous for the patient and the physician with a short procedure time. These benefits include no burning skin pigmentation or side effects such as lesion or lethargy.

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