DVT Treatment Mantis

The main objective during the treatment of deep vein thrombosis is to prevent the blood clot from spreading to the lung (lung embolism) and to ensure the repetition of DVT formation. The main DVT treatment method used especially in the early stages is the use of blood thinners. The thinning of blood or in other words, watering does not destroy the existing clot.


This treatment aims to bring the slower blood circulation to a normal level. The risk of this treatment with more orally taken tablets is the difficulty in stopping the bleeding. When using this type of medication, you should consult a doctor immediately. Another method of treatment is the injection of clot-dissolving drugs into the region of the vein occlusion with catheters, which is an angio-like method. This method, which cannot be applied in every individual due to some risks, provides a significant regression in the complaints of the patient. Some patients may even have a definitive treatment. Varicose vein sock is also an important step in terms of treatment.


The varicose veins, which are suitable for the pressure that your doctor recommends and that will be used at least at the knee level, should only be worn during the day in the first days and 24 hours later. In addition, the legs above the heart level to raise the rest to prevent complaints. Another method that calls filter placement can be described as the last resort of lung embolism.


If dvt treatment is not performed or if the treatment is not completed, to prevent the blood clot in the veins from splattering to the lung, the filter is placed with the help of catheters in the vena cava inferential area in the abdominal vein. Even if any clot moves towards the lung during blood flow, it will not be inserted into these filters and cause lung embolism.


Deep vein thrombosis Mantis device is a device used for the treatment of patients. The battery-powered battery initiates a mechanical rotation of a unique cross-sectional shape with aspirated DVT pharmaco-mechanical deformation and controlled and selective infusion of the fluids indicated by the physician, including peripheral vascular thrombolytic; Double engine volume, low and high speed options and hydrophilic inserts are available.

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