Balloon Catheter Extender

Balloon catheter dilatation is a catheter-based technique for dilating the paranasal sinus ostium and creating a ventilation and drainage pathway. Current data generally include retrospective, inadequate control groups and inadequate characteristics of patients in the cohort. Although current evidence-based studies do not disclose the role and indications of RCC in refractory chronic rhinosinusitis to medical therapy, they have reported that it is a useful technique in functional endoscopic sinus surgery. Evidence supports the safety, efficacy, and increased popularity of CBD among patients and surgeons.


It is also, often possible to treat coronary artery narrowing diagnosed by angiography using a balloon catheter. This procedure is called angioplasty. In most cases, angioplasty is performed following angiography.


Like angiography, a thin, flexible tube called guide catheter in the angioplasty is usually sent to the aorta and into the artery of the patient with a small opening in the groin. The tip of the catheter is positioned at the entrance to the narrowing of the coronary artery. The thin guide wire is then passed through the catheter into the narrow section of the artery.


The tube on which the balloon is delivered is sent over the guidewire to the section of the catheter through which the constriction occurs. Then, the balloon is inflated to suppress the artery wall. The balloon opens the narrowed artery by pressing the plate and widening the artery wall. The balloon can be inflated several times during the procedure.


Immediately after the balloon catheter procedure, the patient must rest for a complete cure. Exercise for several weeks is prohibited.


In the months following the procedure, the arteries may shrink again from the treated area. Restraining of the arteries is called restenosis and requires reoperation to reopen. The stent is used in most angioplasties to reduce the risk of restenosis and to keep the arteries open.


Extender device used for balloon catheter treatment is the latest generation of paclitaxel washing balloon for peripheral interventions. It can be applied both above and below knee applications due to variable balloon size options.

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