Atherectomy Devices TemREN

Atheroscopy is a procedure for removing atherosclerotic plaques from diseased arteries. Atherosclerotic plaques are localized in the coronary or peripheral arterial vasculature and may have different characteristics depending on the structure of the plaque. Atherectomy has been effectively used in the treatment of both coronary and peripheral artery disease. Atherectomy devices are designed in different ways to cut, shave, blast or vaporize these plaques and have different indications. In this article, one of the current atherectomy devices, TemREN was reviewed.


TemREN is used to prepare the lesion area for balloon angioplasty and to alleviate heavy plaque burden from atherosclerotic lesions.


TEMREN is usually difficult to treat with plaque overload with angioplasty and consists of arteries with chronic total obstruction and severe calcification lesions. TemREN helps reach the maximum lumen diameter for stent and balloon procedures.


The set content is available and ready for use. There is no need for additional installation equipment or pre-operation equipment support. The rotational speed is easily adjustable and provides a safe working space for the surgeon. The atraumatic rotational distal end provides reliable operation. TemREN, thanks to its flexible spiral internal structure, transmits torque at the ratio of 1: 1 (distal / proximal). In addition, the inner helix aspirates the atherosclerotic media fragmented by the archimedes principle.

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